Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Heavy Metal Version) by Dr. Viossy

April 7th, 2013 by


Just a very quick update, to show off this great video one of our fans posted to our Facebook wall recently, of Dr. Viossy playing Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata in good old heavy metal fashion. Seem he thought our guitarist Ed Stevens looks a bit like Dr. Viossy, in fact I can see the resemblance. But anyway, personally I’m a great admirer of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s work, and Moonlight Sonata is certainly one of his great masterpieces. Dr. Viossy certainly does the metal version justice in this 6 minute epic of guitar madness. All hail the metal! 😛 So click play and enjoy the music.

Dr. Viossy looks like Ed Stevens the Soul Sanctuary guitarist

Dr. Viossy play’s Moonlight Sonata like a metal demon!

Hipster Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig’s Moonlight Sonata goes metal!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and I’ll speak to you soon. Do you think Dr. Viossy looks a bit like Ed in this video?

Stay Awesome
Stay Metal \m/

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Randy Blythe Goes Free… All Hail Lamb of God! Acquitted of all charges.

March 5th, 2013 by
Lamb Of God Free

Lamb Of God

According to the website Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe is now free to go home to the USA after the Czech court acquitted him on all charges. We here at Soul Sanctuary are very happy to hear the news.

Randy Blythe was originally facing up to ten years in prison on Manslaughter charges. Prosecutors had asked for a five-year prison sentence later in the trial. The family of the victim was seeking 10 million Czech Koruna in damages. The charges were based on an incident where Blythe allegedly threw the fan (Daniel Nosek) from the stage, who later died from his injuries several days later after being admitted to hospital, claiming he felt unwell and later becoming unconscious. But video evidence of the concert in question, clearly showed that he was innocent of the accusations against him.

It seems that according to the article, the Court ruled (and rightly so, I might add) that Randy was innocent of the charges against his name. In the final argument before the decision was made, Randy expressed to the court: “I would like to thank the family of Daniel Nosek for not attacking me in the press and for their kind words to me in this court. I am very sorry for their loss. Daniel was a fan of my band. I had no wish to harm him. He was just a boy and I wish he was still here. If, ultimately the Czech legal system sentences me to prison, I will do my sentence like a man. If I am to remain free, I will do my best to insure that conditions at this concert will not occur again with my band and other bands so that the fans will remain safe. I have searched for an answer to this situation. The only one I can find is that it was a tragic, horrible accident.”

Although the death of the fan is certainly a tragic incident, two wrongs do not make a right. Putting an innocent man in prison for a crime he did not commit, will not bring Daniel Nosek back and only serve to spread more hate in the world.

All hail Lamb of God! It’s great to have you back Randy!

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Dude covers Necrophagist on a clarinet! Amazing

February 1st, 2013 by

This dude is simply amazing, Every time I think I’ve seen it all, some crazy bastard pulls something like this off. Absolutely incredible. This is a full length cover of Necrophagist’s Fermented Offal Discharge. Which include the full guitar solo section too. BUT PLAYED ON A FUCKING CLARINET! A must watch for any metal fan. If you don’t like this you can suck my dick!

Stay Awesome!

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