Who Are Soul Sanctuary?

Soul Sanctuary are a hard-hitting six piece Heavy Metal, Hard Rock hybrid from southern UK. British Heavy Metal FTW!

Soul Sanctuary Group Promo Current

Soul Sanctuary promotional shot 2013

What’s their story?

A long Time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Sorry, wrong story. **Cough, cough** Excuse me.

Soul Sanctuary’s story starts in 2006 aboard a plane destined for Sydney, Australia. After several years of battling with a self destructive lifestyle and narrowly escaping the possibility of a permanent incarceration. Soul Sanctuary’s front man Luke Gibson, decided to put the mistakes of his past behind him and seek out a better life. He left his home with the only possessions he still owned, a beaten up old guitar and the clothes on his back. After travelling to the other side of the world seeking a purpose in life, Luke found his redemption through music, discovering his talent for song writing, music production and live performance. In 2007 he returned home with a small collection of recordings that contained early incarnations of “Destiny”, “Gone Away” and “Packaged To Sell” which would later be revamped for the release of the band’s 2009 début album “Afterlife”.

Soul Sanctuary 2010

Soul Sanctuary at the crypt, just after coming off stage.

Once safely back on solid ground in the UK, Luke joined forces with the founders of Soul Sanctuary (Paul Gooding and Anthony Montague) who had had been desperately searching for a front man that could take their band to the next level. Immediately after hearing several of Luke’s self produced recordings, they knew they had found their man.

Soon after, Jay Hicks and Ed Stevens would enter the scene, bringing added depth and crafted musicianship into the fold. But something was still missing from the formula. Luke’s new, bold and aggressive tone had turned the music on its head, but the flavour had become too intense. A Yang was needed to counterbalance Luke’s Yin.

Soul Sanctuary at the Red Lion, Photograph by Martin Hobby

Soul Sanctuary Live in 2010 at the Red Lion in Graves End.

That need was fulfilled from a somewhat unlikely place. A local popular music singer, Michael Burrough was discovered by Ed in his home town’s karaoke bar. Although initially not keen on the proposition, after much debate and negation between the rest of the band, Michael was given the chance to audition for the part. On the day of the audition a sceptical group of musicians looked on, but all doubts were soon laid to rest, Michael’s voice was the perfect fit!

Over the next two years the band would go onto reinvent itself into an almost unrecognisable form of its previous embodiment. The dark of Luke’s unstoppable rage, and the lighter shade of Michael’s souring energy, breathed life in to a monstrous sound of blistering guitar solos, booming bass riffs, ferocious drums and infectious choruses.

Why should I care?

In their short career the band have already shared the stage with the likes of Sonic Syndicate, Guthrie Govan, Blowsight, Esoterica & Dave McPherson of the band InMe.

The band has seen features in Metal Hammer, Total Guitar, and Bizarre Magazine and has amassed thousands of loyal fans via social media with a YouTube channel boasting over a million views and a Facebook page that receives thousands of comments and likes every month. The band’s début album Afterlife released on Halloween 2009 was a completely self-produced/self-published record, released on the bands own label, Forsaken Memory Records. Afterlife has thus far received unprecedented feedback from independent media some even calling the album a “Masterpiece” while others have quoted the bands front man Luke as having “A scream to match any of the Metal Legends”. Their ultimate goal? To take British heavy metal to new heights.

Quotes from Music Critics:

“Afterlife is a delicious slice of modern metal, with verses meatier than a turducken, and a chorus more melodic than a canary on LSD.” – Bizarre
“This is amazing!” – Alex Herron (Scuzz TV)
“kick-ass… Br00tal!” – Metal Hammer
“Excellent. Driving, aggressive rock ‘n roll. I love it. Great vocals… Kick Ass Live Band!” – Wayne Thompson (TV Producer)
“WOW, I certainly wasn’t expecting this…Killer arrangements…you have a brand new fan!” – Beau Hill (Alice Cooper/Ratt/Winger/Twisted Sister)
“Ferociously felt and brilliantly played heavy metal 8/10″ – East Magazine
“Musical Masterpiece 10/10″ – Headbang Today
“A scream to match any of the metal legends 8/10″ – Rock Sins
“Soul Sanctuary are less a band and more an invading army of metal!” – Total Guitar Magazine
“Afterlife is an exclusive piece of an amazing quality 17/20″ – Spirit of Metal
“I Like Them” – Stuart Epps (Producer – Led Zeppelin/Oasis)
“The kind of metal that gets crowds jumping and heads banging” – SQ magazine

Okay, sounds interesting. What else have they done?

In 2011 Soul Sanctuary released the Single “Lest We Forget” in an effort to raise funds to the victims of the horrific Earthquake that struck Japan in March of the same year. The band’s fund raising efforts received widespread appreciation from the metal community and was published in several news outlets, including The Observer. They even received a special thank you letter from the House of Commons. Soul Sanctuary is a big supporter of charitable work and consistently looks for ways to support causes they believe in.

The band have been working relentlessly on their upcoming release and only hope they can up the ante on Afterlife’s impressive adoption by the metal community. There is a possibility of collaborating with some very renowned American producers who’ve offered to work with Soul Sanctuary on their next release. Names which include Jason Rubal (Bitter Ruin/BirdEatsBaby/Amanda Palmer) and Beau Hill (Alice Cooper/Winger/Ratt/Europe). No release date has yet been set for the new album, but the band promises big things with its release. Saying “If you thought the last album was killer, this one is gonna be genocidal!”.

I’m sold where can I get more information?

If you are interested in purchasing any of Soul Sanctuary’s music or merchandise, please visit the bands Online Store. You can get the latest updates from the band by visiting the bands News Feed. Or you can stay social with the band by Liking and following them on their social networking pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Reverbnation.